Hi Guys,

I honestly cannot believe how busy I’ve been since the Crowning on June 27th. The time has just flewwww but it’s been super fun and I’m looking forward to everything that is yet to come…..

I’ll fill you in on what I’ve been up to 🙂

1.Miss Ireland Launch Night

2. RSVP Photoshoot


1.Miss Ireland Launch Night

Before the Miss Ireland Launch Night I was anxious, nervous but also excited. I was unsure what to expect and it was the first Miss Ireland event where I would be meeting the other girls. It was held in Buck’s Townhouse on Leeson St. Dublin. I wore a gold dress from River Island, I had my hair done in Peter Mark’s, MacDonagh Junction and my make up done by Smashbox in Boots, MacDonagh Junction. Everyone did a wonderful job. I felt like a princess.

MacDonagh Junction Kilkenny - Miss Ireland 1

When we arrived there was a red carpet entrance which we followed in to Buck’s. I had never been in Buck’s before and I was in awe of the place, especially the outdoor area. I got talking to the other girls, I was delighted to find out they were all so lovely. There were photographers who took our photos and Brendan gave us an exciting talk on what was to come over the next few weeks. Then we were left to mingle for the night. We got to spend time mixing with and getting to know one another. There was also some familiar faces to be seen; Miss Ireland 2014 – Jess Hayes, Miss Ireland 2013 – Aoife Walsh, Irish Blogger – Suzanne Jackson, Tallafornia Cast Member – Cormac Branagan but to name a few. It felt so surreal to be at a party with all these wonderful people but I had such an amazing time. 

MacDonagh Junction Kilkenny - Miss Ireland 2

 2. RSVP Shoot

I was actually quite nervous coming up to this shoot as I have never modelled before so it’s something that is very new to me. But I was obviousIy looking forward to an exciting experience and another chance to get to know the girls. 🙂

When I arrived outside the Raddisson Blu St. Helen’s I fell in love! What an amazing hotel!

MacDonagh Junction Kilkenny - Miss Ireland 3

We got to chat with each other and then the team from Vanity X were on hand to do what they do best. Vanity X did a superb job on our hair and make-up and then Brendan was ready to style us in our So Amazing dresses; which is exactly what it says on the tin. I wore a full length navy dress for the shoot. It suited my colouring so well and was just the most elegant, classy dress. I have not yet seen something by So Amazing that I didn’t LOVE and I highly doubt that day will come. 

As we were ready, one by one we were led up to a private room to have our individual photos taken. Then we were led out to the back of the hotel.

MacDonagh Junction Kilkenny - Miss Ireland 4

We had our group shoot taken all together. After this we were split in to different, smaller groups and brought to various parts of the grounds to have smaller group shots. It was such an amazing opportunity! The September issue of RSVP is out now so if you haven’t already bought it……….. 😉
MacDonagh Junction Kilkenny -Miss Ireland 5

RSVP is holding a poll to find their MISS RSVP PHOTOGENIC 2015. This is another title that will be announced at the Miss Ireland Final on the night of August 28th. This is a title that is chosen by vote and I would really appreciate your vote 🙂 


Just click on the link ^ scroll down to number 14, click on it and then scroll down and click vote 🙂

As the final is only days away I will be blogging much more frequently to keep you all updated. 

I have yet to fill you in on Westport, my amazing Goldfever Hair Extensions, my Charity Work and so much more..

Thank you so much for reading..

Sash x