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Project Description


Art It have relocated to a larger unit at Priory House, MacDonagh Junction, opposite K-Bowl.
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The walk in in art studio for all ages! For Adults aged 19 to 105! Re-live your childhood. Be carefree and have fun! Turn childhood – Invent what you want or follow the Studio’s weekly suggestion!

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Hobbyist Art

Turn your zeal for watercolours, oil paints, acrylic paints, or drawing into a finished work of art!


What better way to relax than to throw paint or to paper focus intently on a still life painting.

Girls Day Out

Create pieces of Art with your friends before or after lunch.

Girls Day Out

Create pieces of Art with your friends before or after lunch.

Party Groups

Celebrate your birthday or wedding with friends by painting a shared picture to commemorate the occasion or choose other studio ideas.

For children aged 5 – 12

Children aged 5 – 12

Come and enjoy an hour or two whilst your parents get on with their shopping, following the Studio’s weekly suggestion, which could be anything from getting your hands stuck into clay or glueing all manner of objects on each other, painting glass, painting a T-shirt or simply learning how to draw a horse, to creating an unlimited imaginative object.

Birthday Parties

Let’s decide together what you would like your friends to create!

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For Teens aged 13 – 19

Meet with your friends

Chill out and create a work of art together or simply do your own thing!  Get yourself on the way to becoming a professional artist.  Try your hand at oil and acrylic painting and learn the styles of the great masters.  Master perspective drawing!