Your Personal Shopper @ MacDonagh Junction


MacDonagh Junction now offer a FREE personal shopper service throughout the Centre. Why not take advantage of this unique opportunity to get personalised style/fashion advice.

How to avail of Personal Shopper Service

All appointments must be made through Centre Management either by calling 056 7777600 or email with your contact details. Karen Morrissey will then phone you to arrange a mutually convenient date to meet in the Centre for a consultation. The Centre is delighted to offer this service to customers on a one off basis.

About Karen our Personal Shopper

Kilkenny based fashionista Karen Morrissey has worked in the fashion industry from all angles, starting out as a model in Kilkenny then travelling on to work in London and Los Angeles.

Karen soon realised that her passion for fashion extended beyond showing clothes off. Deciding to take on a more hands on approach Karen now specifically works with individuals and small groups on all aspects of deportment, grooming, nutrition and styling.

Karen Morrissey
Excellent Service and great advice.
I had a lovely morning with Karen. I will be back.
Karen is excellent, very good advice and a nice friendly person. I will contact again definitely.
I really enjoyed it and got loads of great deals. Thanks so much.
Excellent service. Great to have an impartial advice and a different perspective.
It was brilliant, great help to find what styles suit would definitely. I do it again.
Great girl’s day out. Karen was friendly and honest and steered us in the right direction. Will definitely be recommending her.
This has been an excellent experience. Karen was one hundred percent helpful, expert and tactful. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. An exceptional service. Hats off to MacDonagh management.
Karen gave me the confidence for my personal style, and great advice in what to look for in all the shops in Macdonagh junction. I will definitely be back to shop her again. Karen made me feel at ease during this lovely experience.