When  the clock strikes twelve to turn over yet another year, the most common image aspirations come to fruition. You tell yourself that you are going to lose that belly, reduce the fat around your hips and thighs, rid yourself of bad habits, go on a diet and maybe even reduce overall body weight and tone up. And like a a Jack-in-the-box, you spring into the light of a another year, imbued with enthusiasm and great notions!


But suddenly, the cold light of reality blinds you! The idea was there, but by all accounts, the practice of putting your ideas into tangible results quickly becomes a different story.


Make no mistake, getting into shape or even reducing body fat is no mean feat and making the wrong decisions from the outset can make it even more onerous and daunting. So here’s some important tips to get you on your way for the New Year.


Remember, a good start is the measure of your success for the weeks and months ahead.


Tip 1: Make the right choices: Whether you are opting for gym membership or personal training, it is essential to find the right gym and the right personal trainer. Believe me when I tell you that making the wrong choice in this area is so much easier than making the right one – especially in an industry that is saturated with pop-up gyms  and pop-up personal trainers with limited knowledge and experience.


Tip 2: Start with small steps: Work towards your goals in mini-targets. Often, trying to quantify a long-term plan can be overwhelming. Get yourself into a small exercise routine daily and one that is conducive to your ability to begin with. Work from day to day and week to week at first, and watch your overall progress roll into months, eventually becoming a seamless lifestyle rather than a plethora of difficult choices to accomplish, in order to reach your desired goals.


Tip 3: Eat sensibly:  A balanced healthy nutrition plan is key. You don’t have to starve yourself and take weight loss supplements to lose weight and tone up. That’s a common misconception perpetuated by a lucrative weight loss industry. We are constantly conveying this to our clients at Fennelly Fitness and they are quite surprised to hear this and see the amazing results we get for them when we integrate an overall healthy lifestyle plan to shed the pounds. Stock up on plenty on fresh, wholesome foods at Dunnes Stores to help you stay on track!


Joe Buckley changed his life by making the right choices from the outset. With a proper plan and knowledgeable guidance in the right facility, he now leads a healthy lifestyle and weighs in at seven and a half stone lighter. You can read his feature here


Tip 4: Respect your body: Get adequate sleep and adequate water intake. These are two commonly underestimated but essential variables to an overall healthy plan, if you are looking to lose weight and tone up.


Tip 5: Don’t neglect your mental fitness: Carefully select your environment. While easier said than done nowadays, we all find ourselves in places where unfavourable energies can impact on our metal health and subsequently, our general health. Try and be mindful of what elevates and diminishes your sense of mental wellbeing and make a concerted effort to spend time in spaces of positivity. Don’t forget to love, laugh, play and above all, enjoy life and the good it has to offer amid the omnipresent chaos of the world we live in, as you work towards creating a new you!


Johnny Ryan

Co-owner of Fennelly Fitness



Johnny is a qualified Strength & Condition coach with over twenty years of experience in Health and Fitness. His sports profile includes bodybuilding and multiple wins at National level, including European and World Championship titles in the sport of Powerlifting. Johnny also holds qualifications in the area of visual art in addition to an MA in Art Therapy with many years of experience working as a registered art therapist in varying services.

To contact Johnny about one-to-one personal training, group training or any topics pertaining to weight loss, health and fitness or sports specific training: info@fennellyfitness.com