Art Together – Reflections Of Nature

Visual Artists Rennie Buenting and Vicki O’Donoghue will bring their art together to celebrate their shared reflections of nature. The work itself depicting their passions and observations of the natural, urban and imaginary environments through Print, Contemporary and Abstract original artworks.

Vicki O’Donoghue 

After moving from England, Vicki spent many years providing swimming lessons for children and adults and coaching for the local Swimming Club here in Kilkenny. Now working as a Contemporary/Abstract artist she uses bright colours and lines in an expressive, energetic way to capture and describe the essence of the environment.



Rennie Buenting

Rennie commenced her professional art career after many years of teaching in schools and education centres while running a thoroughbred racing stud farm. Rennie submerges herself in her subject and allows it to dictate the medium she uses.

Rennie has been awarded numerous bursaries and residencies and has exhibited in Ireland, Scotland, and on the continent.

In February 2021 she was awarded a month’s residency for the painting and song ‘Joya’ in the Dunamaise Open Submission Exhibition.


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