July 2017

Kilkenny Heritage Week

July 26th, 2017|

The Kilkenny Famine Experience Community Inclusion Project gives participants the opportunity to leave their mark on the memorial dedicated to the people whose remains were discovered in onsite 2005.

Join Centre Manager Marion Acreman as she brings you on a journey depicting the Kilkenny Famine Experience. You can participate in our Community Inclusion Project and leave […]

February 2017

The Colour of Love….

February 9th, 2017|

Red isn’t a colour normally associated with spring, but we’re not complaining! The shops are full of red at the moment and with shades ranging from scarlet to burgundy to cherry, there’s a shade to suit absolutely everyone. It never goes out of style and gives us a huge confidence boost, and with Valentine’s Day […]

January 2017

Trend Alert- Embroidery

January 23rd, 2017|

Love & Peace patches



Embroidered 3/4 sleeved shirt



March 2016

Where Weight Loss Begins …

March 9th, 2016|

As we get lazier or older (or both), we start to lose our original shape and things start to go south. Don’t blame gravity for this! And if you have no underlying health conditions that might exacerbate your physical shape, the responsibility falls entirely on you.


In today’s world, we perceive excess body fat as a […]

January 2016

Reshaping a New You for the New Year

January 24th, 2016|

When  the clock strikes twelve to turn over yet another year, the most common image aspirations come to fruition. You tell yourself that you are going to lose that belly, reduce the fat around your hips and thighs, rid yourself of bad habits, go on a diet and maybe even reduce overall body weight and […]

October 2015

Grey on Grey

October 22nd, 2015|

September 2015

Loving Leather

September 14th, 2015|

August 2015

Denim on Denim

August 24th, 2015|

Simple tanned accessories look fantastic with denim and a belt is essential to give definition to the waist.

I really liked the tones of the bag, belt and boots together and each of these pieces can easily be styled with other outfits, together or individually.
A good pair of boots is essential for the autumn and winter months. These slouched leather boots are […]

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