Regatta Great Outdoors’ Sponsors a Puppy

Regatta Great Outdoors, leading outdoor apparel and accessory brand, has announced a partnership with the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind, which will include the sponsorship of a puppy for one year and the placement of donation boxes in Regatta Great Outdoors stores nationwide.


As part of their sponsorship Regatta are funding the first year of training for their own dog, Wanda. The €5,000 sponsorship covers the dogs vitally important first year of training where they begin their journey to providing life changing services. As part of the sponsorship Regatta are providing over €2000 in much needed clothing for the sponsorship team, keeping them warm and dry while they fulfil the various jobs, including fundraising, dog walking and events.

With more than 13,000 registered blind people in Ireland and over 250,000 people impacted by autism, the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind works tirelessly to facilitate those affected by providing them guide and assistance dogs. The average cost of training a dog is in the region of €38,000 and the charity rely heavily on sponsorship and fundraising to deliver their services and partnerships similar to this help raise brand awareness and vital funds.

Speaking at the announcement, CEO of Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind, CEO Paraig Mallon said; “It is only through the generosity of the public and the support from companies such as Regatta Great Outdoors that we are able to help families of children with autism and those with visual impairment achieve independence and mobility. 80% of our income comes from fundraising and donations from the public and our partnership with Regatta means we can provide a future for a family of a child with autism or person with visual impairment achieve independence. We thank Regatta for their very generous investment and continued support

Irish Director of Regatta Great Outdoors, Brian Fox, added; “We are delighted to be involved with the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind and look forward to watching our puppy as she grows and works towards becoming a fully-fledged guide or assistance dog, in turn providing life changing services to families and individuals”.


Alongside the announcement, Regatta Great Outdoors has also launched a range of dog accessories including leads, coats and toys. There are a selection of waterproof and windproof jackets as well as a harness and selection of leads. Ideal for long days out in the hills or long trips, Regatta has a pack away dog bowl.

Prices: Regatta Rainguard Coat €20.00, Reflective Shock Lead €10.00, Packaway Dog Bowl €8.00 and Fetch Ball Set €10.00.


Whether it’s a small donation or a foreign trek, or even raising puppies, there are many ways to support the Irish Guide Dogs and bring independence, mobility and hope to the people who need it most. For more see



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