Kilkenny Famine Experience

Kilkenny Famine Experience

Launching 7th November 2017

Visit the Kilkenny Famine Experience while in Kilkenny and take a journey back to 1840’s Ireland. The human story of the famine is told, set amongst the beautifully restored former famine workhouse buildings of the MacDonagh Junction Shopping Centre complex. catch never seen before glimpses of how the 2,500 inmates lived and why they died within the walls. This tour informs the visitor about the discovery of 975 human remains in an unmarked burial site as the centre was being prepared for development in 2005. The worldwide significance of the research carried out on these people gives an insight into the living conditions and medical condition of the workhouse inmates. The circumstances which led to the very difficult decision taken by the guardians to bury these people on the grounds of the workhouse as the local graveyards reached capacity and no other burial ground was available.

Learn about the Saul brothers, John and Patrick aged just 13 and 15 as they were abandoned by their parents in Dublin and forced to walk to Kilkenny to ask for shelter at the Workhouse. Listen as the experts involved with the discovery and examination of the remains tell the story from their perspective. Learn about the effect of the forced emigration and survival of some of the young female inmates, in the end resulting in their salvation in the face of very poor odds.

Life and Living in Kilkenny

MacDonagh Junction is the modern city quarter in Kilkenny, combining high quality shopping,  residential apartments, offices, community and leisure amenities.  The city quarter has attracted top Irish and international retailers to Kilkenny City and helped to underpin Kilkenny as the premier destination in the South East for retail and leisure visitors.

Developed in a €250 million investment by MacDonagh Junction Development Company,  MacDonagh Junction enjoys a primary location in the City on the East Bank of the River Nore. The development is located beside the city’s MacDonagh Railway Station, named after a signatory of the 1916 Proclamation of Independence, Tomás MacDonagh.

The heritage and tourist aspects of the restored workhouse buildings,  the renovated railway buildings, the famine memorial garden and the Kilkenny time capsule, are unique to MacDonagh Junction, adding further to Kilkenny’s rich historical legacy.

With forty retail units combining shops, cafés and restaurants, leisure amenities and performance spaces, a unique heritage and a vibrant community, MacDonagh Junction offers visitors and shoppers alike an experience to enjoy and remember.